Top ten Terraria items

Top ten Terraria items

Trevor Raupach, Reporter

10. Excalibur – It’s made from hallowed bars and is a good sword.

9. Pickaxe axe – It’s made from hallowed bars and five of each soul gathered from defeating all three mechanical bosses. It’s strong enough the mine the hardest ore in the game.

8.  Souls – Souls are used for crafting more powerful items such as tools, weapons, and armor accessories.

7. Mythril anvil – Use a mythril anvil to make items out of hard mode ores. Normal mode items that require an iron anvil can be crafted with a mythril anvil too.

6. Golden shower – This weapon sprays a yellow stream that decreases enemies defense and can damage many enemies at once.

5.  Crystal storm-  It shoots crystal orbs that do a lot of damage and it is similar to golden shower.

4. Demon scythe – This is dropped from demons in the underworld and shoots exactly what they shoot at you.

3. Rod of discord – This is a very rare drop from chaos elementals underground in hard mode and it teleports to where you target.

2. Picksaw – This is probably the best pickaxe in the game it can mine lizhard bricks, which are the hardest block in the game and can mine other blocks very fast.

1. Terra blade – This is the best sword in the game. it does over 100 damage and shoots a projectile that hurts enemies too.