Who is Alexandra Scholar?


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Alexandra Marie Scholar, also known as “Lexi” Scholar,  is a bubbly 14-year-old girl.  Lexi was born in Warren, PA, but she has grown up here in Corry, PA. From pre-k to first grade she attended Warren High School, she has attended Corry schools since she was in  second grade.

Lexi’s favorite hobby is painting. She enjoys it because it is extremely relaxing and she gets to express her creative side. Scholar has two siblings, a younger brother and a younger sister. In the future she wants to go into the law enforcement. More specifically, a detective or a criminal investigator. She claims, “I have never really had an idea of what I wanted to do when I was older, there is no influence in my life for why I’d like to do this occupation. I just find interest in it.”

Lexi says that if she could go anywhere in the world she would want to go to Hawaii because, ” It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever seen.” During upcoming vacation days she plans on spending her time with family and enjoying her time off.

Scholar’s favorite quote is: “Forget the mistake and remember the lesson.” She says this is her favorite quote because “it says a lot in one sentence.” One animal that matches Alexandra’s personality would “probably have to be a butterfly because they’re genuine creatures inside and out.” A dream vacation of hers would be “an out of state concert with the Neighbourhood performing.” Her idea of a perfect date would be a “surprise picnic where we have time to talk for hours but also get to watch the sunset.”

Scholar’s favorite class is Spanish because she has always wanted to learn another language. Another favorite class of hers would be world history because she finds the past fascinating. Lexi’s favorite food is hot wings ” just because they’re better than anything else.” She has played soccer for almost nine years in a row and has always had a love and passion for it. She states that her biggest pet peeve is when people think they’re better than everyone else because ”everyone has their strong and weak suits in different things. You can’t judge a person on one thing because you’re better at it.”

Finally, one piece of advice Alexandra would give the reader would be to never look back because there is nothing there for you.