Love in Whistledown


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Everyone wants a prince, right? A boy who treats them like an absolute princess, but what if you had to choose between a boy who treats you like a princess or an actual prince.  Sophia, 19-year-old duchess of Genovia. Sophia was always quiet and sheltered. Until a tan, brown-haired, brown-eyed boy came and changed everything.

Jack Stonewall, an outgoing 20-year-old boy who spends all his free time repairing anything anyone needs in his shop, the “Shifty Shack.”  Stonewall moved to Whistledown in September of 2019, just days before his eighteenth birthday. Now, let’s take this back to the day they met. It was a radiant, cloudless day in Whistledown, a perfect day for the towns 37th annual picnic on the river hosted by the royal family. The day was going great until there was a slight bump in the road. The sweet, petite woman who owns the local bakery, Fran, car had a flat tire when she went to make a quick trip to grab more of her famous banana bread muffins.

“Can someone help me change this tire?” Fran asks in a soft, slightly embarrassed tone.

“I can” two voices say at once. Sophia looks to her left to see a tall figure appear from behind Fran’s granddaughter Elle.

“I’ve got it,” Soph begins to say before quickly realizing she doesn’t quite know who she’s talking to.

“Jack,” the man says. “Jack Stonewall.”

“Sophia. Now, I’ve got Fran. You can go.”

“No, no, I’ll help her. Wouldn’t want those pretty nails getting messed up, now would we?”

Weeks have past, the weather in Whistledown is beginning now to be frosty. Jack and Sophia have consistently ran into each other since the picnic, they have formed quite an unbalanced friendship. Sophia was not the biggest fan of Jack since his brash comment made at the picnic, but he refuses to give up.

“Good morning, Soph!” Jack says joyously as he approached the table with two coffees in his hand. After hours of endless laughs, Sophia had to leave to go to make an important trip to the Castle, for dinner with the Prince. As the duchess, she often had to make visits to the castle, but this is her first time ever making an encounter with the prince. He chooses to stay very private, but the two have to put on an event together. So she says her goodbyes to Jack and the rest of the locals in the Cafe and makes her way to the carriage. After a lengthy, very bumpy carriage ride she arrives to the vast brick castle lined with bushes the driver lets Sophia off in front of the towering white doors. Overall, the lunch went well. At first Prince Charles was very sheepish, but he was quick to get over that. She instantly knew that the two of them would have a lot of fun together…

Months have gone by, and the event Charles and Sophia put on was an absolute hit. Since then, Sofia has been splitting her free time between Charles and Jack. She has found out that Charles has a love for adventures and loves helping people out, and Jack is not who she thought he was at all. Turns out Jack is in line for Prince of Moldavia, but he does not want to be prince. He loves his current life, and is doing everything in his power to be able to continue living as Jack Stonewall. Sophia gets herself into a little pickle when she finds out that both the boys have taken a liking to her.  Who shall she pick? Jack, the social, selfless, handsome mechanic. Or Charles,  the sheltered, adventurous, yet insensitive Prince.

Sophia did the only thing she felt was right, and allowed them both to take her on a date. Charles was first. He took her to a dinner at a high-class restaurant in the mountains, which showed the whole town of Whistledown, followed with a carriage ride around the town. The next night, Jack took her on a picnic boat ride at sunset. Sophia was completely lost and confused. Not wanting to ruin her relationship with either of them, she knew she had a huge decision to make.