What hides in the dark

What hides in the dark

Ruthie Light, Reporter

“Who is that?” I asked my friend as we passed a boy neither of us had ever seen before. The school halls were crowded with the people I see every day, but this boy made the chaotic school halls seem sad and vacant. He had luminous smokey grey eyes, and he walked with no stride. He looked as though he was raging in discomfort, even though his clothes were unusually baggy.

“I have no clue,” my friend, Natalia, responded. “He must be new.”

All day I could not get the boy I had seen hours earlier out of my mind. His presence felt creepy, and he was not in any of my classes. Actually, he was not in anyone’s classes, though his sorrowful energy lurked throughout the school. “Am I the only one who is bothered by him?” I thought. “I can’t be!” Even the thought of the strange, melancholy soul I had seen earlier sent shivers down my spine. 


“Finally,” I whispered to myself. The day was over and I was eager to get to my safe, peaceful home… or so I thought. I finished my tedious homework before the night began so that I could soothe my uneasiness and watch the new movie, “Halloween Kills,” in the dark silence of my home.  I was so distracted by the film that I almost completely forgot about my concerns at school…. until I heard the knocks. Three frightening knocks on my front door that made my dog shriek.

I tip-toed slowly to the door, but when I slightly opened it, I discovered that the porch was empty. At this moment, I was shaking in my boots. I immediately shut and locked the door and ran upstairs. Then again, three knocks. Three painful knocks. The clashing sound against the door distressed me. The agony I felt caused me to become dizzy and overwhelmed. I thought I passed out, because all I could see was a dark, black abyss and two luminous, grey eyes.