The bubbly Baylee

The bubbly Baylee

Willow Bowen, Reporter

Baylee Smith, a sophomore at Corry High School, was born December 13, 2005. Although she’s been going to Corry schools as long as she can remember, Baylee grew up in Shelby, North Carolina prior to moving to Corry. Speaking about growing up, Baylee grew up with four brothers and four step siblings, though she said she would like them more if they got her Christmas presents. 

Next, Baylee’s favorite hobbies include soccer, art, and watching movies. Something interesting about Baylee’s soccer experience is that she can play any position on the field, but she’s found that being a goalie was the right spot for her. Being involved in art, she’s found interest for a career in the digital design field. For movies, some of her favorites are “Scream,” or anything with Adam Sandler. If she had to pick her favorite song it would be “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi, and her favorite color is purple. 

Also, Baylee still visits her old home Shelby, North Carolina every summer and other various times in the year. Actually, she plans on going to California in November. Even though she does all this traveling throughout the year, she still wouldn’t know where she would go on her dream vacation. However, she says that  she would go somewhere very tropical and warm, considering her favorite food is mangoes and she visits warm weather locations often. 

Lastly, Baylee’s favorite classes to do in school are the ones that involve art, but she says she also quite likes math as well. She is definitely a high achiever considering that she’s involved in the gifted program and has the privilege to go to Kennywood with the school every year. Also, pet peeves that Baylee has are when people walk slowly in front of her, but have the mindset that they are walking fast. If she had any advice it would be hard work may seem useless at times, but in the end, it will be what gets you to where you want to be in life.