Top ten horror movies


The shining, 1980

Willow Bowen, Reporter

The top ten list that I will be ranking from ten to one is the best scary movies to watch. The reason that I chose the topic of scary movies is because there are so many good ones to choose from that it might be challenging to rank them. Also, I find a lot of the scary movies on this list to be my favorites and some of the best created. 

10. “Army of Darkness” – The reason that this movie is in tenth place is because it doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves and should be a more popular movie considering how good Evil dead 2 is.

9. “Split” – This is in ninth place because this movie is like the definition of a thriller. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next and the plot twist at the end was a really clever way to start the franchise.

8. “IT”  – This movie was great and the acting performances were phenomenal. The producers did an amazing job keeping the story alive.

7. “Halloween” – Halloween was a really big turning point for the horror movie industry because it was one of the first slasher films. Not to mention it’s a great classic to watch at Halloween. The reason it is so low is because the slowness of the movie really shows with time and the revolution of scary movies.

6. “Ready or not” – I genuinely think that ready or not is one of the most underrated horror movies in the film industry. The story line is incredible and the characters are so likable. The plot is so thought out and it’s really interesting to watch the characters grow throughout the story.

5. “Trick r treat” – Coming in with the top five we have trick or treat. Thankfully this movie has gotten the credit it deserves because the way this movie was thought out especially with the budget they were provided is incredible and it’s an amazing movie to watch during the Halloween season if you’re old enough.

4. “Insidious” – One of the scariest movies created in my opinion, the acting, the costumes, and the plot are so scary. This is definitely a movie you wouldn’t want to watch alone or in the dark because there are some good scares that could surprise you.

3. “Evil dead 2” – Evil dead 2 is a cinematic masterpiece. This movie is so high in ranking because it’s so refreshing to see someone stand up for themselves in a scary situation. Another thing that makes this movie so special is the way you can still have a good laugh while watching even though you’re scared.

2. “Get Out” – Even though the movie US did not make this list its brother Get Out did. This is not a movie you only watch once, especially because every time you watch it you hear or see something new that hints you to the story line all along. The way that the producers carried this was amazing and they deserve every award in the world.

1. “The Shining” – This movie should not need an explanation for its placing for the number one spot on this list. Not only is it a classic but an overall masterpiece. The characters are iconic and so is everything about it. What makes this movie scary is the little hints, theories, and character development you witness. This is another movie that you most definitely watch more than once.