The cheerfully charming Ms. Carey

The cheerfully charming Ms. Carey

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Ms. Carey is one of the high school biology teachers here at Corry High School. She has been teaching here for four years. When in college she had originally “started [majoring] as an English teacher and swapped to a lawyer.” However, when she went to get her masters, Ms. Carey decided to switch her major to education.

What may cause someone to make such a jump in career paths?

“I had originally been going to Allegheny College to be a lawyer, and for my senior project I worked with one of my forestry professors, testing modules in high schools. That experience introduced me to the world of education, and I was hooked.”

When asked what she loves about biology as a subject she said, “I love everything!” and went on to talk about her passion for science in her day-to-day life. It intrigues her and she really enjoys science. “I watch science shows and read science things. And I guess my goal when becoming a biology teacher was to share that with my students. I think it’s amazing that we’re made of hundreds of thousands of cells. And hopefully [my students] get the same love for it. If not I wouldn’t be doing my job as their teacher.”

When asked “What’s one thing people may not know about you?” Carey said, “I’m pretty real with my students, and I think I build pretty good relationships with many of them. I genuinely enjoy teaching, and I hope they get that warm, friendly feeling from me, too.”

Outside of school she has three children. Her oldest child Owen will be 20 in June and is in the United States Marine Corps; Liv, who is in fourth grade at the intermediate school and is a gymnast; and Celia, who will be five in May and is a dancer currently in Pre-K.

Ms. Carey’s favorite color is all shades of orange because “[orange] makes me feel cheerful and happy.” Her favorite season is summer but not because she’s out of school. She likes summer because, as she said, “I vibe with warm weather and slow days,” though around July she begins to miss school. She doesn’t own any pets, but she really likes cows. She grew up on a dairy farm and knows a whole lot about them.

When asked what her most interesting or weird job that she has ever had was, she said, “I was the guest services manager at Splash Lagoon and I had never had any experience with management at all and was suddenly in charge of 200 people! And I couldn’t even swim!” She may have been a bit of a fish out of water, but if she worked the same way there as she does for her biology classes, she must have done wonderful in her position.

Ms. Carey is also in charge of high school student council and the junior class. “All things homecoming and all things prom are going to come from my room.” She remarked humorously that, “It often doesn’t look like a biology classroom with all the streamers and decorations from all things going on.”

If anyone is interested in helping out around the school with activities like planning for prom or homecoming, Ms. Carey said that she is “always looking for creative minds for student council and junior class to help with things like homecoming and ideas come fall of next year.”

Carey’s final message: “Everyone is always welcome.”