The brave Mr. Brewer


Rachael Hajec, Editor

Mr. Brewer is a middle school history teacher here at Corry, and he was born on September 24, 1985. While living in Waterford, PA, he attended Fort LeBoeuf High School and after graduation decided to enroll at Edinboro University to major in education.

When asked if he always wanted to be a history teacher he said, “Heck to the no, just kidding, haha. Well, originally I wanted to be a cop but then I decided I should become a teacher instead!” Some of his outside of school hobbies include hunting, fishing, and “blowing stuff up.”

While talking with Mr. Brewer about what he wants to do in retirement, he said, “Like all of my hobbies now, I want to have more time to do just that: hunt, fish, and do absolutely nothing!” Some of his favorites things overall include the color blue, any food that has cheese in it, the song “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold, laughing and comedy in general, and war movies.

When asked about his dream vacation and favorite place he has ever been, Brewer said,” I want to go on a week long hunt out West, but my favorite place I have already been is Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana. It has a big burial site for all the soldiers that died there and it was just really cool to see.” Because of Mr. Brewer’s love for war movies and history, this was an expected response.

With Mr. Brewer’s braveness to accept any and all responses from his colleagues and students, I asked him what animal represents him the most. “Gorilla! Well, that’s what everyone else would say, so that’s what I’ll say to.”

Also, his experience with middle school students and upcoming freshman has inspired him to give the advice of, “Listen to those who have lived through history because they have already lived through most of the things you are questioning.” As a senior myself who was a former student of Mr. Brewer, I can proudly say I love to give advice to younger people who are going through the same thing I did at one point in my life.

Finally, after sharing his education and favorite things, his biggest pet peeve would have to be, “Disrespect in general. It costs absolutely nothing to be respectful, so everyone can do it…simple as that!”