Meet Bandit, the bouncing baby goat


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

On Wednesday, April 7, a new addition was brought into our small goat family. In the very early hours of the morning my goat Josie had her first baby. This adorable baby goat is a little boy. He keeps close to his mom, as he still isn’t too sure about the outside world, but sometimes enjoys standing next to his dad. He has a charming coat, and is the perfect combination of his mom and dad. His tender ears are the softest fur ever, with his body quick to follow in softness. His adorable self, if put into a cringey chart, would be under the “cuteness overload” category.

After getting to see him for a few days and thinking through different names, I have finally decided on one: Bandit. The name fits him perfectly, as he (even though he can’t eat solid food) has tried to take Josie’s grain a few times. Yesterday, he somehow managed to jump inside it. He is also a little trouble-maker, who will definitely stir up some turbulence as he gets a little bit older. So all in all, I think Bandit fits him perfectly.

He is a mischievous little boy who, at just five days old, loves to run and jump around. Sometimes, though, he gets running a bit too fast for his wobbly legs and ends up falling over. This weekend, we watched as he climbed the log pyramid. He had many failed and nearly successful tries, but in the end was able to jump onto the logs and climb around. Although I have only gotten to be with him for a few hours each day, I can already tell he is going to be a rambunctious and highly-energized tiny goat. He is already out and exploring in the pasture, all the while investigating everything he comes across.

His favorite things to do, within just these past few days of life, are to run around, nap, and annoy his dad. He loves to just plop down wherever he pleases (even out in the middle of their pasture) to “take a load off.” His mom, Josie, of course tries to coax him back indoors where it is safer, but most of the time he just ignores her. He likes to run over to me, act like he wants petted, and then sprint away while kicking around his back legs. It’s his little game he invented. He does let me pet him and pick him up quite easily…but only when he wants those cuddles.

After meeting him on Wednesday when I got home from school, I instantly fell in love with Bandit. His lovable little face and relaxed attitude made it easy to fall head over heels. Even my grandma couldn’t help but stop down three times in one day to see him! His high-energy brings lots of new life into the goat family (and family in general). Overall, I am very excited to be able to hold him and give him many sweet treats in the future. Welcome to the family, sweet Bandit!