Marvelous Mrs. Egli

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Mrs. Tiffany Egli (previously Ms. Jaggi before she got married) started her teaching career at Corry as a Spanish teacher on October 17, 2016, which is also her birthday! She was raised and educated in Corry, and after high school she decided to further her education. She attended Edinboro University, and pursued a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education.

After graduating from college, she lived in Honduras for a year and taught sixth grade. While living there she picked up on Spanish and has excelled in the language ever since. She informed me that she took Spanish 1 and 2 in high school but did not know a lot of Spanish when she first moved to Honduras.

After coming back from Honduras people informed her that Corry was looking for a Spanish teacher. Her first reaction was, ” I can’t do that,” but they persuaded her to try it, and she ended up getting the job. A couple years into the job she went to Costa Rica and stayed with a family. While she was there she took two weeks of classes at a school and soon after took the test to be Spanish certified.

When asked why she got into teaching she replied, “I like the idea of being able to make a difference in someone’s life, so I think students are at a point in their lives where there is a lot of choices to be made and the decisions they make now will affect them the rest of their life, so if I can help encourage them through that season I think it is a pretty big honor to be able to do that.”

Before working at Corry she worked at a school in Honduras called CEAD and then Erie First Christian Academy for about two and a half years before coming to Corry. When asked what type of profession she would be in if she was not a teacher, she hesitated, and then slowly replied, “Something like an office job.”

When in high school she participated in volleyball, the boys tennis team, and was involved in the school plays. When questioned about a big accomplishment that happened during her life she declared, “Being married now to my best friend has been the best decision that I have ever made.”

If she could travel anywhere she would like to tour Europe due to the reason that she would like to see everything because, “there are so many amazing places in this world that we haven’t seen before, so for me I’m all about traveling, seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, food, and languages.”

She has a whole list of favorite movies, but one of her top favorite ones would be “Remember the Titans” because she really likes the message behind it. She does not have a favorite song because there are so many, and it depends on what mood she is in. When not in school she enjoys spending time with her husband, crafting, spending time with family, drinking all types of coffee, going to coffee shops, playing sports, just being outside, and baking.

To conclude the interview I questioned her on what her biggest pet peeve is. She responded, “When people stop listening in the middle of me talking, I think that is rude. I also don’t like when people chew super loudly.”

Overall, Mrs. Egli is a wonderful teacher who really cares about her students. I have had her for two years and enjoyed learning Spanish from her. I wasn’t too sure about the language at first, but I soon realized that she made the class fun by incorporating projects and games to make learning the language seem easy. For anyone pondering if they should take a foreign language class, I highly recommend at least trying it because I did and realized that it was fun and interesting to learn how different it is from English.