Top ten St. Patrick’s Day treats


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

By the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, almost everyone is anxiously waiting for spring to come. However, most people do slightly enjoy this day for the different sweet treats that are created in the spirit of the leprechaun and the rainbow with gold at the end. Below I have listed the worst St. Patrick’s Day treats to the best.

10. Rainbow Popcorn-Green Popcorn- I love popcorn, but I am not particularly fond of coloring my popcorn different colors. I like it just the way it is.

9. Lucky Charm’s Treats (just like Rice Krispie Treats…but with Lucky Charms)- Don’t get me wrong, I love Rice Krispie treats, but Lucky Charms Treats aren’t really a favorite of mine because of the extremely hard cereal. I don’t want my Rice Krispie treat to be hard on my mouth like the Lucky Charms Treats are, I want a soft marshmallow-y treat.

8. Gold Coin Chocolate- This chocolate is nowhere near being good…I use this as a last resort for my chocolate cravings. It’s not a very pleasant chocolate to eat, as it is unforgivably hard and rather bland.

7. Green Fudge- Fudge is typically way too sweet for me and doesn’t look appetizing as it is, so when green food coloring gets added into the mix, I tend to stay away from it.

6. Rainbow Cupcakes- Rainbow cupcakes have too much going on to really enjoy them. The whole cupcake is overtaken by sour candies set as the rainbow, gold sprinkles, and a mountain of icing. These cupcakes are much too sweet and chaotic for my liking.

5. St Patrick’s Day Cake Pops- This treat is a great one because they are super easy to make and taste great. A little bite of cake makes it so eating sweets doesn’t feel like such a bad thing.

4. St Patrick’s Day Chocolate-Covered Pretzels- Sweet and salty is where it’s at– this combination makes for a really nice sweet treat that doesn’t make me feel too guilty after eating it. With just a little bit of chocolate (green for this holiday) it levels out the saltiness of the pretzel…making for a quick and easy snack everyone will enjoy.

3. M&M Cookies with Green M&M’s- I love M&M cookies, so using St Patrick’s Day as an excuse to make them is always great. The green M&M’s help to contribute to the St Patrick’s Day feel, and the cookies taste delicious fresh out of the oven.

2. Shamrock Shake- This is the one time of the year that I splurge so much and get a Shamrock Shake. However, the best Shamrock Shake’s are the homemade ones. Making them in the kitchen with my family is always a great time and of course sipping on them afterwards makes for a memory.

1. Brookies with Green M&M’s- Brookies (brownie, oreo, and chocolate chip cookie combination) are the only sweet treat that I like that involves many different kinds of desserts all smooshed into one. Although this treat is definitely a really sweet one, it always tastes amazing. So when my favorite candies (M&M’s) get added into it, it makes for a delicious treat I savor.

Overall, these are the different types of sweet treats that come to mind from the worst to the best during St Patrick’s Day. What are your favorite treats on this green-and-gold filled day?