The scintillating Ms. Stevens

The scintillating Ms. Stevens

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Ms. Stevens is one of the student teachers at Corry High School this spring. She hopes to teach English. When asked what grades she would prefer to teach most, she said, “I prefer high school. I will teach middle-schoolers and I don’t mind them, but high-schoolers you can go a little more in depth sometimes than you can at the middle school level.”

Stevens’ favorite course she ever took was either physics 2 or creative writing in high school and she said that they were lovely. In college her favorite course was (as far as interesting content and being somewhat easy) geology. It was a core class. “He taught us a lot about space and that if we ever found a meteorite he said that he would buy it from us.” she thought that was pretty cool. She doesn’t fully speak any other languages, but she has “tiny bits of working knowledge about French and Spanish.”

Her favorite color is indigo and her favorite food changes based on what she wants at that moment, but at the particular moment when interviewed, she could go for some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Always a good choice. As of now, her favorite season is summer, but autumn is probably her true favorite. She enjoys hiking more in the fall and likes the sweater weather. “You have some warm ones [fall days] but you can wear sweaters and I love sweaters, and also leaves. Leaves are cool.”

One place she hopes to go is maybe the continental divide trail. “I love to hike and camp, and in my youth I was a summer camp councilor. Just anywhere with a long hiking trail, like I might not have all the stamina to go all the way [on the really long trails], but I’d like to say I’ve tried it.” Hiking is also one of her favorite fall activities because it isn’t too warm.

Her favorite book from within the past 10-20 years is probably “The Book Thief,” but if we’re talking older stuff, she likesĀ  Jane Austen a lot. A book/story series she really enjoys is Sherlock Holmes. “Actually, the Sherlock Holmes stories are nice quick reads and Sherlock is interesting, but on film they make him seem so conceited.” And for her favoriteĀ  TV series, it’s “The X-files.” Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July, not because of being extremely patriotic, but because the weather is nice with bonfires and grilling lots of good food. Also, she has a lot of family that would typically come home around that time.