A Valentine’s Day surprise for Mom

Samariana Pena, Reporter

One time when I was about six or seven I wanted to surprise my mom for Valentine’s Day, so I asked my step-dad if he’d help me and he said he would.

Later on that day we went to the store and bought a really big bear and flowers and chocolate. My mom was at work at the time, which was really good, so we had time to set everything up. When he and I got back home from the store we decorated their room and lit candles and spread rose petals going up stairs until it reached their bedroom.

My mom got home a few minutes after we finished so we took her to the stairs and guided her up because we blindfolded her. When we got to the room I told her to count to three then take her blindfold off, so when she got to three I slowly opened the door and she walked in and started crying and said she loved it. Then she hugged me and my dad, and we went out to eat. After our meal, we went home and watched movies.