There’s not a movie exactly like “The Identical”

Theres not a movie exactly like The Identical

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

The movie “The Identical” was brought to theaters in 2014. The movie is based on identical twins, separated at birth during the Great Depression. This is due to the reason that their parents could not afford to care for two children. Growing up, the two boys had very different childhoods. Drexel Hemsley grew up with his biological parents while Dexter Hemsley renamed Ryan Wade was taken in by Reverend Reece Wade, and his wife Louise.

Drexel grew up and became a rock and roll star in the 1950s. His parents were behind him and supported him in all his decisions in life. On the other hand, Ryan grew up in the Church since his adopted father was a preacher. His parents were certain that he was gifted by God and was called to be a preacher as well. However, Ryan went against his parents, and discovered his passion for music. After all, it leaves Ryan with the struggle to find a balance between pleasing his parents and his love for music.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. I do recommend this movie for children around the age ten and older. This is because the movie does have a few scenes take place in a bar and some foul language is used. I would rate this movie a 4 our of 5 stars.