Sally And The Xbox Boy

April Peterson, Reporter

Sally and her mother lived all alone in a big house just outside of a big city. For Christmas Sally asked her mother for an Xbox so she could play a game she had heard about online. When she first started playing she didn’t know much about the Xbox or the game that she was playing. She started playing with strangers so she could learn the basic control for the game. While playing the game one day she met this boy and he offered to help her get better at the game and teach her what she needs to know about the Xbox.

Sally and the boy talked a lot about their lives and one day sally had mentioned how she lives with only her mother, which caused the boy to start asking lots of strange questions. He would always ask her about her home town and where she lives which really concerned her. She then brought the situation up at the dinner table with her mother. Her mother told her that if she doesn’t feel comfortable with the situation that she should stop playing the game with the boy.

The next day Sally got on her Xbox and began playing the game and the boy wanted to play with her, but Sally told him that she couldn’t play right now, and he obviously knew she was lying. The boy kept asking her everyday to play and Sally kept telling him that she couldn’t play. The boy soon got angry with Sally and began to send her threatening messages. Sally stayed off of her Xbox for a couple of days to see if the boy would leave her alone, but he didn’t. When Sally got back on her Xbox she saw messages from the boy that explained the clothes that she had been wearing that day and the day before. Some of the messages even described her house and he had sent her address. Sally ran to her mother and told her all about it and her mother called the police but they did nothing.

A week later; Sally was out on her lawn laying in the sun and she heard something in the bushes, it was a boy that she did not recognize until he came out of the bushes and spoke. It was the boy from Xbox. She pretended not to be worried and started texting the police so that he wouldn’t know that she was contacting them. He came closer and saw her phone and realized that she was talking to the police. He snatched her phone before she could send the message and made her go with him to his car that was parked down the street. Sally was never seen again.