“Lucifer,” a Netflix experience.


Khristian Loveland, Reporter

“Lucifer” is a live action series that involves crime solving, and emotional transition into a new place of residence. The show focuses on a club owner who turns crime detective.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is the devil, who came to earth and began running a night club. Lucifer becomes a crime investigator when a friend of his is killed, he begins focusing on his outrage. “Lucifer” is a highly recommended show with a large amount of content, and it happens to be an inappropriate show for children under the age of 16 minimum. The special effects are very well performed, and the setting is always on point, even for the background.  I enjoy the show to an excessive amount because of the dark story and the graphic content.

I would rate this series 5/5 personally.  It is recommended heavily for people who enjoy gore, and more adult-themed content rather than people who are more child friendly, or under 16. The show is rated 18+ (R).