Victoria is victorious


Victoria Kinney

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Victoria Marie Kinney was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, on December 26, 2006. Tori spent her few childhood years in Union City, PA, then she soon moved to Corry, PA, when she was in first grade. Victoria, or as many know her, “Tori,” is fifteen years old and she is a freshman at Corry High School. She is in all advanced classes, and she takes her schooling very seriously. Tori tries her hardest at school, and after high school she plans to go on and accomplish many exciting things.

She enjoys playing volleyball, drawing, snowboarding, reading, traveling, and spending time with her friends. Tori is a very social person and she has many friends that adore her. She always has a positive attitude and spreads kindness and warmth wherever she goes.

Tori’s favorite subject in school is math because she tends to pick up the subject quite easily, and she likes to challenge herself academically. Her favorite math subject is geometry because it’s easy, and it’s interesting to learn about. After high school Tori would like to attend college and study psychology. Tori’s dream job would be to be a psychologist because she likes helping people, and she enjoys the topic.

When it comes to Tori’s favorite color she says she has a few. Her top three choices are red, green, and purple. She enjoys these colors because they bring her happiness and fond memories. She likes to incorporate these colors into her daily outfits. Tori is a fan of the early 2000 decade because people had fewer things to worry about. They just had fun and let loose. The fashion was on point and everything about that decade screams fantastic.

A fun fact about Tori would be that she has two birthmarks and that she has two middle names. The number two might be her magical number. A piece of advice Tori would like to give other is, “Don’t spend time worrying about things that won’t matter in the future.”