The marvelous MyLeigh Music


Willow Bowen, Reporter

MyLeigh Music was born December 3, 2005. Recently she has moved to Corry from Mississippi. Although she moved from Mississippi, she said she has grown up everywhere, which is very interesting considering we don’t get very many new students in Corry. MyLeigh also said that she has siblings from ages 10-14 who live back in Mississippi. 

When I asked what some of her hobbies and interests were she said watching movies. MyLeigh said she enjoys watching Marvel movies and if she had to pick a favorite it would be “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Another interest that MyLeigh has is art, which is her favorite class at the moment. She doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up saying, “No clue.” She’s still young and has plenty of time to figure that out though. 

Speaking of favorites, MyLeigh’s favorite color is purple, her favorite place to take a vacation would be Greece because it is “Very Pretty,” her favorite food is strawberries, and her favorite band is Led Zeppelin, a rock band popular in the 70s that still has absolute bangers to this day. 

A quote that MyLeigh favors is “Family doesn’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either” from the hit TV show “Supernatural.”  A piece of advice that MyLeigh would give to her readers would be to “Be nice.” Being kind is definitely something that everyone should invest in.  I suggest you take MyLeigh’s advice and make an act of kindness today.