Top ten Y2K fashion trends


Ruthie Light, Reporter

The 2000s was an iconic time for the fashion industry and most pieces from then are coming back to serve. In this top ten, I am stating my favorite (and least favorite) Y2K fashion trends.

10. Double Denim – Double Denim is a super controversial look for the reason that it is very, very hard to pull off. However, the times that it has been done correctly, it delivers a nice, charming look.

9. Low-waisted jeans – Over the years, we as a society have slowly let go of low-waisted jeans. However, it certainly served in the 2000s and still with certain looks today. 

8. Baby tees – These teeny-tiny-t shirts definitely have this generation wrapped around their fingers!

7. Bandanas – Bandanas are super cute with all sorts of outfits.

6. Shiny/Chromatic Clothing – If you like wearing clothes that make you stand out, then chromatic clothing is for you. The shine from these places can make you noticeable from a mile away while also looking fun and fresh.

5. Butterfly Hair Clips – Butterfly Hair Clips are always a fun accessory to add to any outfit.

4. Kitsch Jewelry – Similarly to Butterfly Hair Clips, Kitsch Jewelry is always a staple when looking for something to spice up an outfit. 

3. Mini Skirts – Mini Skirts are timeless pieces, and truly look good when paired with anything.

2. Wide Leg Jeans – Wide leg jeans are definitely one of my favorite pieces from the 2000s. They definitely make an outfit more fun!

1. Velour tracksuits – When I think of 2000s fashion, my mind automatically races to velour tracksuits. Velour tracksuits are fashionable, comfortable, and fierce!