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Ranking my favorite podcasts


Every morning getting ready, every car ride, every cleaning session, you can bet I am listening to a podcast. I am so intrigued by current internet scandals, drama, or events. I love listening to some of my favorite social media stars talk about their lives, tell stories and give advice. Here is the ranking of podcasts I listen to.

7: Sofia With an F – This is hosted by Sofia Franklin. I have listened to about nine episodes of this podcast, and it was only because of the guests who were on those episodes. Other influencers that I enjoy have gone on, and some people have gone on there to expose their side of the story in popular scandals. Overall, I have only listened due to the guests and drama, and haven’t listened in a year

6: Hot Mess – This is hosted by popular influencer Alix Earle. Alix Earle blew up on the internet in the winter of 2022, but ultimately I was her stan since summer of 2022. I found her when she was popular but before she even had 500,000 followers. This podcast is about her life, current events happening with her, and doesn’t really address any online drama or pop culture events like other podcasts I listen to. That is why it is so low on the list, because I love hearing about pop culture events and drama. I still enjoy this podcast and am entertained because I love Alix.

5: Boyfriend Material – This podcast is hosted by reality-star-turned influencer Harry Jowsey. Harry debuted on the Netflix dating show “Too Hot To Handle” where he instantly got famous. Since then he has been a popular face on social media and appeared on this last season of “Dancing With The Stars” where he made it to the semi-finals. This podcast only has one episode that was released April 30. I listened and loved and know I will love to hear the rest. He spoke about the speculated relationship with him and his dancing partner on “Dancing With The Stars” in the first episode. 

4: Frenemies – This is hosted by social media stars Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas. It is titled this because these two often get into fights, but can get along to speak about pop culture events and drama. Trisha and Ethan are brother/sister in-laws. This came out in 2020, but sadly ended in 2021 due to a falling out. I have listened and laughed to this podcast so much, I have binge listened to the entire discography three times through. It is so entertaining but placed here since it is not running anymore. 

3: Canceled – This is hosted by Tana Mongue and Brooke Schofield. The two are best friends who are social media influencers. They debrief their life, tell stories, as well as talking about internet drama. Tana is scandal prone, and known for her messiness at times. This is so entertaining and funny, and I started listening just in September of this year but have listened to every episode since. 

2: Just Trish – This is hosted by Trisha Paytas, who was the co-host of Frenemies. Here is where most all pop culture events are spoked about and all internet drama. She is joined by her friend Oscar Gracey. The pair is sure to cover every single thing happening in the world and on social media. They are so funny together and I will never get tired of listening to their conversations. 

1: CHD – This is hosted by Alexandra Cooper. This will always be my favorite podcast. I started listening in summer 2020. The podcast began in 2018 and I started from the first episode, binge listened, and now listen to the new episodes weekly. I haven’t missed an episode since I started listening to this. She has had Simone Biles, Emma Chamberlain, Demi Lavato, Rebel Wilson, Christina Aguilera, Jamie Lynn Spears, Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, and many other guests. I think her solo episodes are just as good, if not better than when she has guests. She talks about her life, dating stories, and interviews trending influencers at the perfect times. She just announced that she will be having Maria Georgas from the last season of “The Bachelor” which I was obsessed with. The entire internet was a Marie stan, she is such an icon. Ultimately, Alex Cooper knows exactly what her listeners want and she gives it to them every single time. 

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Kylynn Deane, Editor
Kylynn is a senior, and this is her second year being a part of the newspaper staff. She is a competitive dancer at the local dance studio, and has been competing for seven years. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. When she's not dancing or listening to music, she likes to spend time with her family.