Top 10 Met Gala looks; In honor of Karl


Willow Bowen, Editor

This year the annual Met Gala surprisingly impressed many with the looks brought by celebrities. The theme this year was In Honor of Karl, which was inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and his recent passing in 2019. I think that this was a reasonably successful Met considering that almost everyone was on theme. The only thing that I think was lacking were some missing celebs that people expected and did not show.        

  • Janelle Monae

Somehow I am always blown away by the looks that Monae shows up with at every Met Gala. At the 2023 Met, Monae arrived in a Thom Browne piece that was a cone suit jacket. She would later remove the jacket to reveal another layer of skirt wiring underneath. She is on this list not only because her outfit was fabulous, but because of how she wore it. 

  • Doja Cat

It takes none other than Doja Cat to show up with a cat face prosthetic at The Met. This look is on this list because of how on brand it is for her, but also the designer who inspired the theme, Karl Lagerfeld, who loved his cat Choupette. The only thing that I would critique about this look is I think she should have had whiskers on the prosthetic.

  • Jenna Ortega 

Ortega showed up wearing a Thom Browne suit collared dress with a slit up the side. Her stylist did her good because this was perfectly fitting and proportionate to her small body frame. I enjoyed this look because of how on theme it was and the intricate details and pearls placed onto the piece. 

  • Anok Yai 

Among all of these dresses I think Yai’s contrast the most while also staying on theme. The dress was a gold Prabal Gurung piece that perfectly accentuated the dark color of her skin. She looked like she should have been on the runway the entire time from how fierce her posing was. 

  • Michaela Coel 

Michaela Coel was somebody I had never heard of before this Met, but she genuinely caught my attention with her dress. She debuted her look in a sheer tulle Schiaparelli dress that was covered in stones from head to toe. Each and every piece of detail on this dress had purpose and was beautifully detailed. 

  • Penelope Cruz

Cruz had one of the most beautiful looks of the night in my opinion, and I can see this dress aging really well throughout Met history. She wore a stark white Chanel dress with silver detailing and a sheer hood. I thought that it was intricate but simple enough to just be something enjoyable to look at. 

  • Teyana Taylor 

Teyana Taylor showed up wearing another Thom Browne look. This was more on the subtle side but nonetheless captured the essence of Karl Lagerfeld, with a black and white color pattern with a collar and tie. Also, she gave another nod to Lagerfeld by wearing black sunglasses. 

  • Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway never fails to stun with her looks. At this Met, Hathaway showed up wearing Versace as she is the new face of the brand. She wore a white dress that incorporated detailing of golden safety pins. I think that her stylist did a really nice job picking a lighter dress to contrast with her dark hair. 

  • Dua Lipa 

Dua Lipa showed up to the Met Gala wearing an iconic archived Chanel cream colored ball gown. That is not the only thing that put her on this list though; she was also wearing a $10 million diamond on her neck. That 100-carat diamond was definitely the best accessory for this dress.

  • Billie Eilish 

Eilish had an impressive look last year, so it was hopeful that she would impress again. She was wearing a custom Simone Rocha gown that fit like a glove. I think that this look captured the theme but also the essence of who Eilish is as a person and performer.