Christmas catastrophe

Christmas catastrophe

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Living at the North Pole with all of my fellow elves is like living the dream. We get freshly baked Christmas cookies after every meal, get to work with toys, and we get to watch joy fill the lives of many people when they recieve their gifts. Life couldn’t get any better than this!

My name is Eva Elf! Today is my first day working in the shop, which has me bouncing on the tips of my holly jolly, elf-pointed slippers. Over the years, I have worked exceedingly hard to become a “Master Toy-Maker.” I have studied the art of creating toys, making other elves full of the Christmas spirit, and have even accompanied Santa himself on one of his Christmas Eve delivery trips.

I walked down the candy cane painted hallway, sniffing in the smell of gingerbread that filled the halls.”Today is the day I’ll finally be able to prove myself to the other elves,” I thought.

I started whistling “Here Comes Santa Clause” as I happily strode down the hallway. The jingle bell on the end of my hat sang its own happy tune as I bopped my head along. I came to the entrance of the workshop and smoothed my green, frayed skirt, and fixed a button on my matching green top. I took a deep breath and pushed open the doors, letting the smell of the workshop fill my nose. I smiled and waved at everyone that I passed and made my way to the station I was registered at. I quickly began working, tapping my foot to the Christmas music that played on the intercom.

My job was to fill bubble containers with bubbles. This was one of the lowest jobs in the shop, but I didn’t care, I was just happy to be here. I picked up a purple bubble container and lifted it to the bubble dispenser. When I pulled the lever to fill the purple bubble container, nothing happened. “Well isn’t that as odd as a flying candy cane,” I thought to myself. I let go of the lever and decided to inspect it further, as I didn’t want the machine to be broken. I wiggled the lever that read, “In Case of a Jam, Wiggle this Lever.” Still, nothing happened. I scrunched up my nose, deep in thought. Suddenly, a deep, ferocious gurgling sound came from within the machine. It stopped, but three seconds later, the bubble solution sprayed out everywhere. Covering my fellow elves, myself, and all the machines. It made the floors so slippery, nobody could stop themselves from falling down. It was a complete disaster!

I tried to help the other elves off the ground, but I too fell after slipping on the bubble mixture. Everyone turned to me and stared in disappointment. Even the machines refused to work in spite of what I did. I was immediately called to the office of my boss, Edward Elf, all the while shaking in fear. “Well wrap my present and call me an elf, look at what you have done, Eva!” he exclaimed, waving his arms at the catastrophe.

“I’m truly sorry…from the deepest part of my candy-filled heart” was all I managed.

Edward sighed, rubbing his sleepy eyes with his short fingers. “I know you’re sorry. Just…just do me a favor and take a break from work.” He paused. “I have a lot of cleaning up to do after the stunt you pulled.”

“Please, at least let me help clean up,” I asked with tears in my eyes.

After a very long and excruciating pause, he said, “All right, I suppose helping with the cleanup would be acceptable.”

I trudged out of his office, feeling the weight of my mistake sink in. With all of the machines broken, how could we prepare enough toys by hand in time for Christmas?! Without those machines, Christmas would be ruined! I sprinted down the stairs and swiped a mop out of the janitors’ closet.

I got to work in a flash, mopping and scooping the bubbles into a bucket as fast as I could. After a few hours, the bubbles were completely cleaned up off the floor. I wiped the sweat from my brow and leaned against the mop. Everyone had left the shop an hour ago, as it was time for dinner. I, however, had unfinished business to complete, and wouldn’t leave until it was completely done. I went from machine to machine with explicit care, cleaning all the way until the bolts shined with cleanliness. It was back-breaking work, but after assessing the machines I had already completed, I was very pleased. It wasn’t until the first workers of the next morning came in that I had finished cleaning the last machine. I stepped back from the machines and looked around the workshop. It glittered like the snow when the sun shines down on it.

I heard someone let out a long whistle behind me. I spun around, and there stood Santa himself, with Edward off to the side, showing a toothy grin. “This is a jolly good job you’ve done Miss Eva,” Santa said smiling, his cherry-red cheeks glowing with happiness.

“Why thank you, sir!” I exclaimed. But then I realized that I was the cause of the need for the cleaning, and my head dipped back down in shame.

“I know that your little mishap was a complete accident, so don’t worry about a thing!” He added with a wink, reading my mind.

“So does this mean I can stay working, sir?” My feelings turned from shame to hope in an instant.

“You can bet your gumdrops that’s what it means!” Santa laughed.

I leapt into the air and gave Santa a big elf hug. Christmas wasn’t ruined after all, I thought merrily.