‘The Kardashians’ season 3 coming soon


The Kardashian family is releasing a third season of their reality series, “The Kardashians.” After ending their 20 season, 14-year-lasting show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” they made a new show through the Hulu streaming service to have more control. 

Many people, myself included, like this new series better. It is far more real, honest, and more focused on current real life drama rather than being distracted by a bunch of other irrelevant events.

The first season was released in April 2021, the second in May 2022, and the third will be released May 25, 2023. The show is raw, honest, and answers all of the viewers questions. The first season mentioned Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce, Khloe and her child’s fathers drama, etc.

The second showed Kim’s new fun relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, Khloe’s birth to her new baby, Kim’s experience on Saturday Night Live, Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker, and all of the sisters’ Met Gala experience, etc. The show has done a great job keeping fans up to date and giving them the truth about the family’s lives while also keeping the happy, funny, lighthearted moments the family shared with each other. 

Many things have happened since last season. Kim’s relationship ended, Kourtney got married, Kylie revealed her baby to the world, another Met Gala occurred, and so many other things happened. So fans can expect to find out a lot more new information and gossip about the latest drama.

Another big thing which had just started since last spring was Kim’s oldest daughter and Kourtey’s daughter creating their own TikTok accounts. The girls have given fans bedroom tours, their nighttime routines, and more insight on a typical day of being a rich, famous Kardashian child! North and Ponelope each have gained millions of followers since their accounts were created. They have even unintentionally inserted themselves into drama! They have done this simply by using controversial TikTok sounds that go against their dad/uncle Kanye! Without a doubt it had all been entertaining, so everyone must wait and see if it is mentioned on the show!

Tune in to Hulu to see the intriguing new season starting May 25! A new episode will be released every Thursday, 12 a.m. sharp.