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Episode 3 of the ‘Fallout’ show: Just watch it already!


In the latest episode of the Fallout series, titled “It’s Hard to Get a Head in the Wasteland,” we find our intrepid survivors in a pickle that’s both literal and figurative. If you thought your Monday was tough, try chasing a decapitated head across a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. And also have multiple people looking for it at the same time…

Our characters, in a plot twist, are on a wild goose chase for Dr. Wilzig’s head. Yes, you read that right. The good doctor’s noggin has gone AWOL, and it’s up to Lucy to walk it around looking like a madman and The Ghoul to track it down. It’s like a game of hot potato, but with more radiation and fewer potatoes. Not enough potatoes.

Meanwhile, Cooper Howard, played by the ever-charismatic Walton Goggins, is having an identity crisis, kinda? One minute he’s a cowboy, the next he’s The Ghoul, it’s just flip flopping back and forth, and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna stop any time soon. And let’s not forget the costume change that we never get to see. I’m betting it was a choice between a Vault-Tec jumpsuit and a tutu. I’d personally go with the tutu, the blue doesn’t fit me…

The Ghoul Goes Fishing, Finds a Mutant Axolotl. Now this may sound weird, but The Ghoul decides to go fishing, but instead of a relaxing day at the lake, he ends up attracting a mutant axolotl with human fingers. Oh! And guess who’s the bait, LUCY! Wait no, that’s not good at all. Because when you’re fishing in the Fallout universe, you’re not just looking for trout— you’re looking for trouble, and The Ghoul got trouble…

Maximus: The Man, The Myth, The… Replacement? Maximus continues his charade, facing new threats and challenges, including meeting his replacement, but with Max in the suit and his squire on the ground… it doesn’t seem that way. It’s like showing up to work and finding out your desk has been given to a super mutant. Tough break.

Episode 3 might feel like a side quest, but it’s a side quest with heart, humor, and a head that everyone seems to want. It’s a reminder that in the Wasteland, you can lose your head, but you can’t lose your sense of humor. Or can you? Tune in next time to find out if our people can keep their heads on their shoulders—both literally and figuratively.

Too many head puns, and I’m sorry for it.

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Sylas Bryan
Sylas Bryan, Reporter
Sylas Bryan is a funny student. He likes playing games, building computers, and fixing/doing anything computer-related. He has taken up 3d animation and 3d modeling and is now trying his hand at writing for the newspaper. He thought about joining this class after Mr. Adamski talked about it, and it sounded interesting.