Terrific Tyler

Terrific Tyler

Trent Williams, Reporter

Tyler Aderhold was born on December 11.  Aderhold grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. He has two siblings, one older, and one younger. Their names are Ashlynn and Gavin.

When asked what he loves to do when he is not in school, he replied, “playing football.” He said the worst football field to play on in the area is Union City. Tyler’s favorite song is “How it Go” by Yeat.

I asked what subject he like the most, he replied with, “Gym.” He also said his favorite quote is “A man with no path wanders for eternity.”

His favorite food would have to be lemon pepper chicken.  His biggest pet peeve is when people do not have any manners.

He also left me with a quote for the readers,”Never stop dreaming and always go big.”

I want to thank Tyler for taking the time to answer my questions.