The Mexico experience


Kylynn Deane, Reporter

This past month I traveled to Cancun, Mexico, for a week. My best friend and I went and this is what all went down. 

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and immediately were gifted with welcome drinks and roses. We even were given a scented toilet to cool us down in the 85 degree humid weather. We went to take a look at the huge resort after receiving such a caring welcome. We got a look at some of the pools, bars, restaurants, etc. The lobby area was huge, with a bar right in the center and restaurants all throughout it. It looked like a huge mall. Our next task was to find our hotel room, which was not connected to the lobby, and was set up in a motel-like way. They were all outside, with their own beautiful, private balconies with chairs, tables and hammocks. 

After walking quite a ways trying to find which room was ours, we found it and were amazed with the inside. We put on our swimsuits and spent a few hours at the pools before dinner. My friend and I got drinks and were so excited for this upcoming week. 

Basically every day we woke up, went to one of the hundreds (literally) of different pools, ordered countless drinks, ate lunch at whichever restaurant interested us most at the time, spent more time by the pools or on the beach, headed back to the room to get ready for dinner, and then found another fun thing to do after dinner. This repeated every day. But, one of the days we dedicated a few hours to a swimming excursion with dolphins, another day we dedicated a few more hours to a snorkeling trip in the ocean, and one day we spent a few hours at a water park. 

The two of us also spent a lot of time in the game room. This had a bar serving snack foods, desserts, and drinks. It contained a ton of arcade games, pool tables, ping pong tables, 20+ TVs, and six Xboxes. The resort was all inclusive, so anytime any of the guests wanted a drink, a snack, or anything to eat, they were free to order anything they desired without getting charged. 

My two favorite things the two of us did together, were when we got a relaxing massage together. The entire experience was great. From the robe they gave us, the warm towel, the essential oils that filled the room, everything was great and it felt amazing!

Also, my friend arranged a private dinner on the beach one evening. We were served drinks, soup, salad, lobster, and steak. There was a musician playing the saxophone the entire dinner and it sounded great. 

This was such a fun week we spent together in Mexico. I would totally recommend the Moon Palace Resorts to anyone, and hope to return again for future spring breaks!