My visit to Allegheny


Tony Kerr, Reporter

On March 31, I visited Allegheny College in Meadville. We got up early in the morning like normal for the visit, which was during school hours, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., but with a 45-minute drive there it was pretty much a complete overlap. When we got there we drove around for 10 to 20 minutes just to explore the campus. Afterwards we met up with the admissions team in the Campus Center. They had a table with some welcoming breakfast foods. We brought my one-year-old niece, so after she was done eating, we chased her around the hall to make sure she did not get into anything. As much as it was a little chaotic to have her there, the staff were super supportive of us.

We eventually got settled in and had a presentation in their auditorium and even had a guest speaker that is an alumni of Allegheny. They mainly went over the experiences and opportunities we will have there.

After that we split into groups to view our likely majors respective parts of the campus, so for me and my fellow nerds, being into technology and computer science, we headed to Alden Hall. We got to meet with a computer science professor, Douglas Luman, and got to sit in on his computational expression class. I was able to tell that the group was a first year class, but they are learning pretty quick. I’m excited to see what the upperclassmen are learning.

For lunch we had some homemade bread from another professor’s class, which my parents sat in on. We paired it with some hot chocolate from Grounds For Change.

Afterwards my parents and I got to meet up one-on-one with the financial aid team. They helped us out a lot. We got to explore campus a little more before we left.