Crochet Journey

Crochet Journey

Reagan White, Editor

I have been crocheting since 2016, and I am proud to say that I have come a long way. I began crocheting with my Nana. She started me out on looms, which made things a bit easier on me. At first, I did not make anything: we focused on learning the stitches. Once I got those down, I was able to start on my first project.

I was making a blue scarf for my Nana. It was taking quite a bit of time to complete seeing as I just learned how to do simple things. Late 2016, she was put in the hospital and stayed there for months. I was able to visit her every once in a while but not as often as I would have liked. During all of that, I was still making her scarf. I was very close to being done with it until July came. My Nana ended up passing away before I could give her the scarf I worked so hard on for her.

For her funeral, we traveled to New Jersey where the rest of my family was. It was nice being able to meet all of them. After we got back, my Aunt Sandy gave me the two bins of crochet supplies that belonged to my Nana.

I have improved tremendously since then and I would like to think my Nana would be proud. I still have all of her tools and use them every day.

The photos in the gallery below make up a small portion of projects I have completed.