Courageous Caleb

Caleb in action during baseball season

Caleb in action during baseball season

Ashton Mineo, Reporter

Caleb Daniels is a senior here at Corry High School. Caleb has lived in, and gone to school in, Corry his entire life. He attended elementary school at Corry Alliance Academy before he made the transition to the middle-high school. After finishing up his senior year, Caleb plans on attending Liberty University and attaining a bachelor’s degree in some sort of business field. He is hoping to work for his uncle in Washington D.C. as a financial advisor. Caleb has worked extremely hard thus far and his work has paid off by giving him an opportunity to attend his dream college.

Some of Caleb’s favorite things to do are playing baseball and skiing. He has been participating in both activities for many years. Caleb plays first base for the Beavers and he said he was looking forward to his senior season. Caleb also works at the Peak n Peak in the ski shop. He sells rental skiing and snowboarding equipment. He said that he really enjoys his job because he likes his coworkers and he loves the Peak. Additionally, Caleb does work for the Deej Experience sports stream as a cameraman. He uses the skills that he has acquired from taking Global Media classes.

I asked Caleb how his senior year has been going so far, and he informed with that it was going well because it hasn’t been too difficult and he has enjoyed the time with his friends. I also asked him how he was feeling about his fleeting senior year and his high school career coming to a close. He said, “I have mixed feelings about it. I am really exciting to move on to the next chapter and get a fresh start at Liberty, but at the same time it is a little sad that it is all coming to an end and I am going to miss a lot of people.”

His word of advice to his readers and fellow high school student was to not stress out about school. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but Caleb claims that is nothing that you should overly worry about.

Caleb is an outstanding young manĀ  and he has worked very hard to get to the point he is at today. I have personally known Caleb since kindergarten and he has always been a great friend to me. I would like to thank Caleb for taking the time out of his day to answer my questions.