Wonderful Weis


Cameron Richards, Reporter

Nathan Weis is currently a freshmen attending Corry Area High School. His birthday is August 15, 2008, and he was born in Warren, PA.

Nathan grew up in Corry, PA, his whole life. Nathan has one sister (Sydney) who also attends Corry High School. Nathan wants to be an NFL running back and his dream college is University Of Pittsburgh.

His favorite food is pulled pork sandwiches with macaroni salad. His favorite song is “We Three Kings” by Caleb Gordan. His favorite color is green and white. If Nathan could travel anywhere in the world, it would be England because that’s where his ancestors lived, and because of soccer.

Nathan’s biggest pet peeve is when mailmen jam packages in his mailbox. An animal that matches Nathan’s personality the most is a gorilla because he is always hyper and is always moving.

One quote he would like to give to underclassmen is “Talent without working hard is nothing.”