Empathetic Emma


Rubie Gibson, Reporter

Emma Smith is 16 years old and is a junior at Corry Area Middle High School. She grew up in Corry and has two brothers, which are 26 and 24.

When not in school Emma loves to hangout with friends and read. When she gets older she wants to be a physician’s assistant. When I asked Emma where she would like to travel she said, “…all around the world.”

Emma’s favorite movie is “Tangled.” Her favorite color is pink and her favorite emotion is happy. For upcoming vacation days Emma plans on hanging out with her family.

When I asked Emma her favorite class she said, “Mrs. Rutkowski’s class (Child Development).” Her biggest pet peeve is hearing people chew. Most of all her favorite quote is “Kindness always comes back.”

She would like to leave the readers with,”Share positivity.”