Truehearted Tyler


Rubie Gibson, Reporter

Do you know Tyler Sproveri? If you don’t know him, he is a 7th grader and he goes to Corry Middle School. He grew up here in Corry, too.

When not in school Sproveri enjoys playing video games. He has two siblings: his sister is 10 and his brother is 21. When Tyler gets older he wants to be a scientist.

When I asked Tyler where he would like to travel he said, “Florida because it’s hot.”

What’s Tyler’s favorite movie? “The Iron Giant.” His favorite color is blue and his favorite emotion is happy.

For upcoming vacation days Sproveri would like to hangout with friends. When I asked him his favorite class he said, “Science with Mr. Brumagin because it’s cool.” And his biggest pet peeve is “when people leave a mess at my desk after their class.”

He would like to leave the readers with “Always be kind!”

I had a great time getting to know Tyler and I thank him for his time to answer my questions.