Notable Nosel


Ruthie Light

Mrs. Nosel

Rebecca Nosel is a fabulous life skills teacher at Corry Area Middle-High School who was born on June 9, 1987.

Nosel has one sister, Carrie, whom she grew up alongside in Corry, PA. In fact, she, too, attended Corry as a high school student. In high school, she was a cross country runner and softball player! However, after earning her high school diploma, she moved on to get further education where she attended Slippery Rock University. Nosel speaks very highly of her time at Slippery Rock and goes so far as to say it was “four of the best years of her life.” 

Outside of school, there are many things that Nosel enjoys doing. Three of her hobbies are traveling, reading, and running half-marathons! When asked where she would love to travel to, Nosel says that she has many destinations on her bucket list. However, if she were to pick her top three, they would be Greece because she likes Greek food, and a safari in Africa because of the tourist attractions and for her love of exotic animals, and the Australian outback. As for upcoming vacation days, she says that going to the beach would be nice or just anywhere out of the country again. 

Also, there are many fun facts about Mrs. Nosel that you may not know about. For instance, Nosel’s favorite movie is “Beauty and the Beast”, her favorite color is red, and her favorite food is quesadillas. Another thing you may be wondering is her favorite song. Nosel says that she doesn’t have a particular song that she would call her favorite, rather she just enjoys any song that motivates her. Also, her biggest pet peeve is chewing fingernails. Additionally, if Nosel had an animal she would match her personality to, she says that she would be a giraffe because, “they are calm, unless you poke their buttons.” Also, as she is the life skills teacher, I asked her why she got into the job that she did. Her response was that she “simply just likes kids.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Nosel is an incredible addition to the CMHS staff! Her favorite quote is “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Also, a piece of advice Mrs. Nosel would like to leave her readers off with, “Always try your best, and if something is hard, keep pushing through, because eventually it will become very easy.”