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Students prepare Thanksgiving feast for faculty and staff


The level 2 classes “foods around the world” and “baking and pastries” have united for the past two days to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. This dinner is being prepared for all the teachers that signed up and filled out a form for the meal.

There was a menu for the staff used to order their Thanksgiving dish. Students that were not a part of the experience were sent to the IMC as a “field trip” so they wouldn’t be in the way of the cooks.

On Monday they focused mainly on the pies and the sides of the meal. Then, on Tuesday they focused on rolls and finishing the sides. Wednesday was the preparation day, putting all the food together in each staff’s separate order.  

According to Mrs. Rutkowski, the process has been “slightly stressful.” In fact, Rutkowski said that she went on a two-hour Walmart trip to collect all of the ingredients and supplies needed. She followed up by explaining that it was an overall smooth process despite the hectic environment.

Of course, the students involved had their own things to share about the experience. Emma Smith, a 12th-grade student at CAHS, explains, “It is really exciting to see everything come together into one big meal!”

Kieran Graves, another 12th-grade student at CAHS, added, “It has been stressful, but I am happy to see that it is turning out.”

All in all, the students in the classes ”baking and pastries” and “foods around the world,” as well as Mrs. Rutkowski worked extremely hard to prepare this feast for the teachers. With that being said, they would love to hear feedback from the teachers who received a meal. Mrs. Rutkowski asks for these teachers to tell her what they liked about the dinner and what could have been better to make adjustments for next year.

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