Why a stay-at-home order was a bad idea

April Peterson, Reporter

In May of 2020, the world was shut down. COVID-19 had caused a global pandemic. Suddenly all businesses that weren’t life-sustaining had been shut down and everybody had to stay at home and nobody really knew how long it would stay like this. Staying at home might have been fun for some, like people who like to play video games, but for some people it was horrible, for example, people with anxiety and depression.

People who like to play video games probably loved the pandemic because they got to stay at home all day and play their games. Some other people that might have enjoyed quarantine are people that are introverted and don’t like to associate with others. They probably enjoyed being able to stay at home and not have to talk to very many people.

Although some people might have enjoyed the pandemic, some may have thought that it was horrible. For example, people with depression may have had a horrible time in quarantine or even coming out of quarantine because people with depression might not have had much to do to clear their mind. People with anxiety have been at home every day with their family or people they are close with and having to go from that to having to be around lots of people again can be uncomfortable for a person with anxiety. Having to be around other people at school, the grocery store, or work can cause anxiety attacks.