What are your ‘big three’?

What are your big three?

The Horoscope Heartthrobs , Editor

If you have ever dabbled in astrology, chances are you have heard someone ask, “What is your big three?” So… what does that mean? In astrology, the “big three” typically refers to a person’s sun, moon, and ascendant sign. Still confused? It’s okay, let’s break it down!

The sun sign is the most commonly used and easily identified of the big three. It is your “main” sign, if you will. This sign is identified based on your birthday. To find out your sun sign, you can simply look up your birthday and determine which sign it falls under. Your sun sign represents your identity, preferences, personality,and sense of self. It is a generalized view of who you are and how you function in the world. This is where astrological generalizations are derived, like “Cancers are emotional” or “Geminis are two faced”.

Moon signs are a bit more complex. To identify your moon sign, you need to know date and time that you were born. The more precise the better, because the moon moves into a different sign every 2-3 days. Your moon sign offers a sense of introspection. The moon regulates your inner feelings, emotions, and subconscious. While the sun sign represents basic aspects of personality, the moon sign explores unexpressed or hidden feelings.

The ascendant, also called rising, sign is also determined based on the time of your birth. This is determined based on what sign was rising in the eastern horizon when you were born. Your ascendant sign represents who you are on the outside. It governs how you are perceived by others and how you present yourself to the world. Some believe it can also control physical appearance and mannerisms as well.

This all may seem daunting, but with the help of the internet, calculating your big three is easier than ever! There are many astrological calculators you can use to find out your big three or even your full birth chart.