Which wonderland system alter you are based on your zodiac sign

Which wonderland system alter you are based on your zodiac sign

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Before you devote your whole personality to one of these personas, I advise you read The epidemic of being “chronically online” as it relates to the main topic in this article: The Wonderland System. This is in reference to a person who claims to have DID (dissociative identity disorder) and have 271 identities. This is obviously fake, as they also magically gain neurological disorders when they switch personalities; they gain a stutter, tourettes, and a British accent. But to make this article digestible, we are going to start with the original 12 personalities.


If you’re an Aries you are in luck! So is Red! You both are passionate, strong-willed, motivated and confident. It is obvious that Red has a relentless behavior and a cheerful attitude, making her all the more relatable for you!


You are such a sensible person! A reliable, loyal and sensible soul you are. Just like o-o-o-o-ol-Oliver! He is an understanding and kind person who has a small stutter. Nonetheless, he has inspired many just like you!


Just like Ophelia, you are an open communicator and are witty as well as funny and outgoing! Don’t let your impulsiveness get you like it gets Ophelia though! But don’t be afraid to stay curious and playful!


Similar to Bunny, you are a sweet and gentle soul who is a bit insecure and sensitive. Don’t let this overcome you though! Bunny is compassionate and offers as well and seeks security just like you! Stay fun-loving!


You are confident, loyal, and protective! Beatrix just so happens to be just like you! Both of you are firecrackers who are big-hearted and generous. But, you both tend to be a little selfish even when you don’t try to be.


AJ is hands down the most humble part of the wonderland system. This means that the two of you are one in the same. Both of you are practical and sympathetic. You like to take a practical and systematic approach to life, but they also seek perfection and become overly critical.


Ben is the most popular member of the wonderland system and there is no question as to why. Just like you, Ben is a cozy and friendly extrovert who loves connecting to people and charms many. So many people strive to be like you!


You are a strong-willed and determined soul. This is why you are just like Malikai! You are loyal to a fault and tend to get jealous and possessive very easily. In addition to this you are braver than most as well as secretive and ambitious.


Elliot is honest and direct. Nothing can stop this girl from being herself; she is optimistic, passionate, and compassionate. That is why you are just like her! You do face the struggle of being too idealistic. Stay true to yourself!


You are hardworking, direct, honest, persistent, sensitive, and impatient; this is what makes you just like Z! You are both practical and determined. Nothing can stop you when your mind is set on something. Try not to stay too pessimistic!


Sayori is a unique and altruistic personality, similar to the character she is based on. This is just like you! Both of you are impulsive, artistic, loyal, and optimistic. That being said, you are a bit hard-headed and will not change your mind no matter what after it is set to something.


No one is as creative and imaginative as you; as such a compassionate and creative person, you are sensitive to criticism and worry about how you affect others. Echo is just like you because of this! You are such a beautiful person and never stop being you!