Corry is keeping it cool with new AC installation

District begins the next phase of renovation


Corry Middle-High School has been long overdue for an update in the AC department. Every year staff and students are exhausted from the heat and resulting unpleasant odor in the school.  Thankfully, this year Corry is investing in an AC unit being installed. This is one big step forward in the advancement of Corry High. 

Mr. Passinger  said this process will take about two years. Recently, the cafeteria has been in preparation for there to be makeshift classrooms set up in the back area. Disruption throughout the school is scheduled to begin around the third week of October, starting in the area between room 33 and room 47. During this time, classrooms are scheduled to be condemned and moved elsewhere, one place being the back of the cafeteria.

For this renovation there have been some mixed opinions. We decided to interview the teachers who are being affected first. Mr. Buona sounded positive and said, “Bring it on! The school is moving to more modern times,” and “it will be fun being moved.” He did voice his concern for the kids getting sidetracked though.

Mr. Carney said, “Not too excited about it (the move) but the end result will be nice.”

Mr. Potocki said, “It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if we weren’t online for the past two years.” Potocki added, “It will be worth it though” and hopefully money left over helps fund newer science labs.

Lastly, Mr. Simmonson was “disappointed about the disruption” but “optimistic about how nice it will be.” 

Although the process is lengthy, it seems as though most people are excited about the upgrade. All in all, CAHS’s decision to finally install air conditioning is a big step forward for the facility.