The B E A V E R S show their pride


Jenna Martin, Editor

During second period all students 6-12th went out to the football field and spelled out the word BEAVERS in honor of school spirit.

Spirit week is one of the most exciting parts of the school year at Corry High. On top of all the other festivities taking place this week, our school has decided to do something new. We have our traditions that take place every year, such as the parade, and our spirit week. Thursday, October 6 is the day we wear our orange and black, but this year Mrs. Hajec got permission from Mrs. Yetzer to bring something else into the festivities of this week.

Sixth grade was the B, seventh was the first E, eighth was the A, ninth was the V, tenth was the second E, eleventh grade was the R and the seniors were the S. Eight to 10 teachers were assigned to each letter so that the process went over a little smoother and be more efficient.

There was also people documenting it as well. Mr. Krasa and Mr. Potocki took pictures with the drone, and Mr. Woods’ media class filmed the experience.