Mental health matters!

You matter!

Reagan White

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Mental health matters!

Dear reader, 

You will not feel this way forever. It is only temporary so do not worry. Take time for yourself to grow. Putting in the work will be hard but you can do it. 

If you need to let people go for a certain amount of time or forever, then do that! You are doing what is best for yourself. That is nothing to be guilty for. You cannot love other people until you love yourself. 

Low moments are bound to come but you will always get out of them. It can take some time, but you can do it. Some have more severe issues than others but that does not make what you are going through less important. 

No matter what you think, there are people that care about you. There are people that are going through the same thing. Some have even gotten out of it! Which just proves that you are able to heal. 

You are not an obligation. You do not have to be “fixed.” Explaining yourself is not “making up excuses.”

People will break you, but never leave it up to them to fix what they did. They will ignore it and let it worsen. You must step up and heal yourself. If they fix it, the second they leave, it will break again. 

You are not weak. There is a difference between feeling weak and being weak. You are only feeling weak. You are here, which is strong. You are moving on, which is strong! 

Reach out for help, please. There are resources available and people who want to help. 



Erie County Crisis Line: (814)-456-2014

Suicide Hotline: 988


P.S. If you would feel more comfortable, you can always talk to me. My school email is [email protected] and I’ll give you my number to talk!