Introducing Mr. Getty

Mr. James Getty has just begun his first year as a high school teacher at CAHS. Because this is his first year working at CAHS, here are a few things to get to know him. Getty was born on January 2, and he is the youngest of three children.

Although he grew up in Erie, PA, he attended high school in Harborcreek. After graduating high school, Getty spent the following few years attending Penn State Behrend and Mercyhurst University to advance his education. When asked why he initially got into teaching, Getty said that he just really enjoys teaching and helping others.

Something that Getty really enjoys is traveling. In fact, he says that his dream vacation would be traveling all summer to a bunch of different places. When asked where he would like to travel next, he responded with, “Out West, like to California and Colorado.” Besides traveling, he also really enjoys playing tennis. Getty was on his college tennis teams all throughout his time attending university. Alongside his career as a teacher, Getty actually teaches tennis classes at a tennis club. 

As we dig deeper into who Mr. Getty is, here are a few fun facts about him that could allow you to get to know him even more. When asked what his favorite movie is, he responded with, “Shawshank Redemption.” Getty said that he does not have a favorite class to teach because he loves all of them. Additionally, his favorite color is blue and his favorite food is tacos, chicken wings and pizza. Other than his time playing tennis in college, he also played soccer in high school.

To conclude our journey of getting to know Mr. Getty, a piece of advice he would like to leave the readers with is, “Find something you enjoy and go for it.”