Conspicuous Coachella


Emma Reyda, Reporter

Coachella is an arts and music festival located in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley.

Although it was shut down for two years due to COVID, the festival just opened back up this year in 2022. The festival is usually about two weeks in length and the average attendance is 250,000 people. Many celebrities attend Coachella, such as the Kardashians, Jack Harlow, Sydney Sweeney, Harry Styles, and more. However, this year a lot of drama has occurred. When artists such as Doja Cat and the Weeknd performed, it didn’t really go as it was planned.

The crowd was tired and the artists felt disrespected and as if they were boring their audience. Not to mention, a ticket was $1000 and many people who paid for a ticket were not allowed into the festival due to it being over over capacity. Is Coachella over priced for nothing?