“Moon Knight” episode two raises the stakes


Emma Minnick, Editor

On Wednesday, episode two of Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” was released. While the first episode gave us a bit of exposition into who Steven Grant is, episode two explores the other identities: mercenary Marc Spector and the Egyptian god Khonshu.

Again, the performances in “Moon Knight” are incredible. Oscar Isaac, of course, takes center stage as both Grant and Spector. Isaac plays the roles in a nuanced way that highlights the difference between Grant’s personalities and the turmoil they face. Ethan Hawke also shines as the mysterious Arthur Harrow. Just like Grant, the audience is tasked with figuring Harrow out. Is he a justice-loving devotee of an ancient god, or a sinister figure full of bloodlust? With the exploration of Spector and the introduction of his wife and colleague, Layla, we seem close to figuring it out.

Episode two also cranks up the action factor. When Harrow and his followers corner Grant for the precious scarab, he is forced to flee with Layla, and finally “summons the suit” of Khonshu, although it becomes a dapper evening suit rather than the foreboding garb Spector summoned in episode one. The inexperienced Grant is made to fight a ghostly jackal alongside Layla, until he finally surrenders the body to Marc.

This episode really sets the pace for the series, expanding the characters, lore, and conflicts. I am excited to see how Steven handles these newfound struggles, and what comes of Harrow’s plans.