Weekend shenanigans


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

On March 4 of last week, my brother and I were invited to my cousins to stay over for the weekend. As soon as we walked through her door, we ran down the stairs to the basement that had a bunch of video games. We played for a little while until my aunt had to go to the dollar store, so she had me drive. She is like an older sister to me and she was a little shocked to see me driving down a road. We got back to the house and I managed to put makeup on my youngest cousin; it wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst I’ve done. Not to mention I have never actually done makeup on anyone  other than myself.

The rest of the night, my cousins, my brother, and I played hide and seek among us until midnight. Usually when we stay over at each other’s houses, we stay up late until we can’t stand it anymore. The next morning was slow, as usual, and I was tasked with helping my aunt prepare food for the big party she was hosting. We made three cheese steak dip that also had various kinds of peppers in it; it was very delicious. We also made a nacho table that wasn’t too bad, but was kind of gross after sitting out for a while. Most of the kids stayed in the basement while I stayed with the adults and played board games.

We stayed up for a while and played a lot more games until it was one in the morning. I was exhausted and immediately went to the spare bedroom where my bag was sitting against the bed. I shut the door, collapsed onto my bed, and almost instantly fell asleep. The next morning I woke up, in no rush, and went downstairs into the living room to have some coffee with my aunt. Not even ten minutes pass and I get a text message from my mom to pick me up after going to the store. I got dressed for the day and went home, but not without saying goodbye to my aunt, uncle, and cousins.