“The Forbidden Games” aren’t so forbidden

The Forbidden Games arent so forbidden

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

L.J. Smith is best known for her young adult novels like “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Secret Circle,” “Dark Visions,” and many more incredible books. This book series is mainly based on supernatural love and mischief. “The Forbidden Games” is a teen horror trilogy of novels, and it consists of three books. Each book ends with an unexpected turn of events causing the reader to crave the next book in the series to reveal all information. “The Forbidden Games” series was published all in the same year which was 1994, but it took a more than a year to write all three books.

The first book in “The Forbidden Games” series is called “The Hunter,” and it starts off the series with introducing the main characters: Jenny Thornton, Julian, Tom Locke, Audrey Myers, Dee Eliade, Micheal Cohen, and Zach Taylor. “The Hunter” book is about a seventeen-year-old girl (Jenny Thornton) who needs a board game for her boyfriend’s (Tom Locke) birthday party. Jenny was drawn to a mysteriously hidden shop called “More Games.” She meets a boy who has snow white hair and icy blue eyes (Julian). Jenny bought the game not knowing the consequences that would come with it. Jenny, Tom, and the rest of their friends begin to set up the game unaware of what’s about to come. As they begin to play the game they run into a hardship that leaves them in dismay. The story soon turns into a love triangle between Jenny, Tom, and Julian. Tom and Julian yearn for Jenny’s love, and they soon encounter troubled events with it. The first book The Hunter is very good, and it really draws the reader into the story. I would rate this book a 3.5/5 stars just because it is the beginning book of the series and it doesn’t have major plot twists.

The second book from :The Forbidden Games” series is called “The Chase” and for a good reason. This book is the middle combination of the series, and it puts in any and all last-minute characters and circumstances leading up to the finale. Jenny and the rest of her friends have multiple run-ins with the main protagonists in the story, the Shadow Man Julian. The group had survived the events in the first book, so this is how they return back to their normal lives but that may change. Julian has cooked up a plan to torture Jenny to come back to him, and be his queen. Jenny goes through the same hardships she had in the first book. Can she handle the pressure, or will she crack? This is when Jenny and Julian’s relationship starts to grow and you can really see a connection. For this book I would definitely rate it a 4/5 stars. This book has amazing connections, and just a great setting and plot. Nothing about this book is boring, or uninteresting. It holds the reader’s attention the whole time and pulls you in to want to read more.

The third and last book of “The Forbidden Games” series is called “The Kill.” This book is the end of a long trail of chaotic events and an everlasting love story. The characters from the original are all come together one last time to stop The Shadow Men and end this devilish nightmare they’re all connected to. They’re stuck in an amusement park and stuck in the between world known as the Shadow World where the Shadow Men live, and other mystical creatures. This is Julian’s last chance at luring in Jenny to be his love for eternity. The characters encounter many hardships that feel impossible to overcome. Will Julian win Jenny over? Will they never make it out of the Shadow World? What will happen? You’ll just have to read and find out. I would rate this book a 5/5 stars. It has the perfect unexpected ending that just fits the story line. The book has such emotions and really makes you feel as one with the book when you’re reading.

The book series “The Forbidden Games” is a great book series for teens who love horror mysteries. I would rate this book series a 5/5 stars overall. It has a great plot, and storyline that is very interesting. I strongly recommend this book series to book lovers. It is a whirlwind of emotions, and you will fall in love with everything about each book.