Top ten most powerful DC characters


Emma Minnick, Editor

The DC Universe is full of powerful heroes and villains, some more widely known than others. Between super strength, speed, telepathy, telekinesis, and other amazing abilities, it is safe to say that DC Comics boast some powerful characters. But, with over 10,000 characters in the universe, who is the most powerful?

10. Wonder Woman  (Diana Prince)

As a huge Wonder Woman fan, it pains me to put her in last place on this list. However, this does not mean Diana can’t hold her own against her foes! Wonder Woman possesses superhuman speed, strength, durability, flight, healing, and even telepathy. The princess is also immortal due to her demigod status. Wonder Woman’s impressive feats include reconstructing planets, defeating gods, and moving faster than the speed of light.

9. Superman (Clark Kent)

Possibly the most well-known DC character, Superman’s power is nothing to laugh at. He has the power of flight, superhuman strength, speed, enhanced senses, x-ray vision, mind control, invulnerability, and energy absorption. He is mortal, but his slow aging and invulnerability allows him to live far longer than the average human. His feats include moving planets, holding a black hole, and even creating galaxies!

8. Doomsday

The second Kryptonian on the list, Doomsday is a massive prehistoric being. Known as “the ultimate killing machine,” he boasts super strength, speed, regeneration, immortality, and power absorption, among others. Doomsday has managed to kill Superman (in some continuities), beat the entire Justice League of America, and build a Kryptonite immunity.

7. Raven (Rachel Roth)

Raven is the most powerful member of the Teen Titans. As the daughter of the demon Trigon, she inherited the gifts of flight, astral projection, telekinesis, teleportation, and all other kinds of magic abilities. Her accomplishments include defeating her father, Trigon, warping an entire dimension, and teleporting faster than the Flash can run.

6. Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)

Dr. Fate is a powerful sorcerer who was trained by the wizard Nabu. Nabu’s helm of fate makes Nelson capable of spell-casting, flight, pyrokinesis, element manipulation, and reality warping. He will do anything to protect order in the universe, including stopping the space time continuum, moving planets, and transporting the Justice League to an alternate universe.

5. Darkseid (Prince Uxas)

Formerly the planet’s prince, Darkseid rules Apokolips with an iron fist. Armed with super strength, genius-level intellect, telepathy, and energy manipulation, he makes his way through universes, conquering planets and even galaxies. He has beaten Superman, destroyed a Green Lantern battery, and most notably, discovered the Anti-Life equation.

4. The Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor was created with the birth of the multiverse. Because of this, he has the power to absorb universes, manipulate reality, and summon cosmic armies on demand. His feats include destroying infinite universes, time traveling to the beginning of time, and shifting Earth’s reality.

3.  Eclipso

Eclipso, a being derived from an Apokolips diamond, has incredible power; divinity, invulnerability, energy projection, and extreme magic, among others. Eclipso has taken the form of many genders and species. In these forms, they have destroyed the goddess Hecate, mind controlled divine beings, and fused with the omnipotent Presence.

2. Mr. Mxyzptlk

Talk about a tongue twister! Don’t let his silly name fool you, however. Mxyzptlk is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. His unique set of powers include reality warping, omnipotence, and cosmic manipulation. In short, he is capable of almost anything. He has performed notable feats such as eliminating gravity, imitating the powerful Spectre, and creating thousands of universes.

1. Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman)

While Dr. Manhattan is not in the DC universe, he is a member of the multiverse. Osterman is easily the most powerful character in the DC continuity, with an impressive list of abilities including, but not limited to, size alteration, flight, cloning, phasing, telekinesis, omnipotence, reality manipulation, and spontaneous creation. Dr. Manhattan has destroyed several nuclear missiles, created new timelines, and moved quadrillions of times faster than the speed of light.