Squishmellows taking the collecting world by storm

Cinnamon Earls, Reporter

Squishmellows, the popular stuffed animal brand, has inspired a large following of collectors in the years of 2020 and 2021. The brand was initially launched in 2017 by the company Kelly Amusement Holdings, LLC, while the company itself was founded in Los Angeles, 1986.

Besides the history of the company, Squishmellows have been selling like wildfire. With over 800 different characters to collect, hunting for rare ones have become a trending pastime. Squishmellows come in many different sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to the largest size of 24 inches. (all sizes are listed below)

Squishmellow Sizes:
– 3.5 Inches
– 7 Inches
– 8 Inches
– 11 Inches
– 12 Inches
– 13 Inches
– 16 Inches
– 20 Inches
– 24 Inches

Some of the rarest Squishmellows are as follows:
-Chanel = A Cinnamon Roll
-Lucille = A seal
-Phillippe = Frog
-Avery = Duck
-Mariah = Lamb
-Blossom = Sheep
-Santino = Platypus
-Jack the Black Cat (only 500 exist)

You can find them most commonly at (in our area):
– Target
– Claire’s
– Walmart
– Some Dollar Stores
– Hallmark

Happy Squish Hunting! <3