“American Underdog,” an inspiring sports journey


Elaina Brown, Editor

Recently I got the opportunity to watch “American Underdog.” I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys sports or just enjoys an inspirational movie.

Kurt Warner, played by Zachary Levi, played football in high school and in college but then had to wait many years to play in the NFL. He got a deal with the Packers but then got cut the first day of being there. Then eventually gave in to playing in what’s called the Arena Football League, which was not very well known. (That is a small organization where you play football in an arena). There he got noticed by some NFL coaches and then got signed to the Rams.

It was a hard journey to get there. Warner married a woman with two children who he immediately fell in love with. He met his wife Brenda at the bar and it took a lot of convincing for them to get together. Overall this was a great movie.