Another Hallmark “Snow Bride”


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Hallmark is are known for making movies that have the same plot line, the same settings, and the same ending.They all have their quirks and sometimes end up falling down a hole because they just aren’t that exciting. However, Hallmark is also able to make good movies that keep the viewers interested and are memorable, apart from movies people would rather forget. Yes, they may have the same plot, theme, and characters, but they are still good nonetheless. The Hallmark movie I decided to review was a classic comedy-romance movie called “Snow Bride”.

This movie was made back in 2013 and has held a special place in my heart since then. The movie starts out by showing our main character, Greta Kaine (played by Katrina Law), going over some gossip reporter assignments, which is a classic Hallmark movie setting. She has to do a report on a family in order to get promoted. After learning her competitor has already made his way to the story, she starts her car and drives off into a snow storm with nothing more than the clothes on her back and her friend’s wedding dress. She loses her way, manages to get her car stuck, and runs out into the snow wearing her friend’s dress to find help. She then trips, falls, and rolls unconscious somehow; this is noticed by a bystander and is taken into his cabin. She wakes up next to a warm fireplace with a man, named Ben, watching over her, and as funny as it is, he happens to be the subject of her story. They end up talking and Ben comes up with the nickname “Snow Bride” because of her cover story.

Overall, I liked the movie and have been watching it for nine years now. I thought the movie was interesting and well written. The storyline was good enough to keep me interested through it all and make me feel the emotions the characters were going through. The acting was well done and the entire theme of it all came around in the end. So with that said, I think it’s a great movie, however, there were some flaws to it, including some of the graphics and the scenes were cut at awkward times, leaving some things hard to understand.

I give “Snow Bride” a 4/5 star rating and would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in romance, comedy, or Hallmark movies.