Chaos at Thanksgiving


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Every year for Thanksgiving, my family gathers at my grandmother’s house for a huge Thanksgiving. All of the delicious food, the crazy stories, and family fun all around, making incredible stories to tell. Because all of our families are scattered around the states, we barely see each other, which makes Thanksgiving the best time to catch up and create new memories. Most of my cousins are older than me, which means I happen to get left out of the “older kid” festivities, but my younger cousins keep me busy with their opinions and games. However, when I was younger, I liked to cause trouble with my younger cousins and brothers. 

One year, my brother, William, and I were waiting for dinner to start when we noticed everyone was in living space and they left the food unattended. We managed to stay quiet enough to grab a butter knife, a plate, and two forks, and see which dish we would care to test. We scanned over the food and glanced over to a delicious, crisp, and delectable pumpkin pie. William and I exchanged looks and I went to cut out a slice to share, but William stopped me before I could. He held my arm and said, “Cut a piece out of the middle of the pie!” And because I was hesitant about cutting it out, my brother took initiative and grabbed the knife from my hand and cut a square out of the middle of the pie.

I was in awe of how quick and fluent he was, not even thinking about what he was doing, and to be honest, neither was I. We placed the piece on the plate and quickly ate the pie, enjoying the taste of the creamy pumpkin filling and the crunchy crust. As fast as we cut out the piece, it was gone in under a minute, and William and I were proud of ourselves. Then finally it was time for dinner, so we covered the pie and ran to grab our plates from the table to fill up. The dinner itself was delicious, as always, and everyone was ready for dessert. I chose to have a apple pie with whip cream and ice cream on the side, and went to sit back in my spot. As soon as I did, one of my cousins yelled from the kitchen, “Who did this!” I had to hold back giggling and watched William completely breakdown laughing with everyone staring at him. Not too long after, we confessed to our crimes and accepted the punishment of not having anymore pie for the night. So to anyone who wants tips on how to cause chaos during Thanksgiving, I’d happily share this story to fellow trouble makers.